Back To The Office? Tampa Property Managers Get Window Film Solutions

Commercial property managers are facing the challenge of the evolving COVID situation and the aftermath of last year’s stay at home orders.
There has been a reassessment of personnel requirements by many organizations post COVID.
While tenants are debating whether to have their employees come back to their offices versus telecommunicating, property managers simply don’t have that luxury.
They own the property and their income is based on occupancy rates. The more attractive the property the higher the occupancy rate.
  1. The commercial space is extremely competitive and there is reduced demand.As a commercial property manager you know exactly what your bottom line is today and what the projections are for Q3 and Q4, 2021.
  2. Occupancy rates are low across the board in metropolitan areas. Window film retrofits add value to commercial space for all the historical reasons that we are or should all be familiar with.
  3. The lower occupancy rates, temporary or long-term allow for less intrusive window film installations during this transition period.
  4. Cooler comfortable offices are a distinct competitive advantage for comparison shopping for commercial leasing and rentals.
  5. Cooling costs remain high despite the low occupancy; window film will ease that burden. There may also be rebates or incentives from local energy providers.
  6. There are many examples where the vision glass is tinted or reflective where the heat, glare and associated discomfort remain untenable.

    Our window film may not be an intuitive solution, but the post installation comfort is undeniable.

  7. Life cycle energy cost savings as well as curb appeal and tenant satisfaction and improved worker productivity should all be major considerations.
  8. Window film warranties for commercial properties range from 10 to 15 years.
  9. Privacy films and faux frosted coatings add value to your conference rooms and glass partitions.
  10. Interior wood panels, carpets and artwork will be protected from sun damage and UV since all of our selections stop 99.9% of the UV and as much as 95% of the visible light.

Let the Advanced Film Solutions team help you to help yourself.

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