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How a family business became the best company under the Sun to protect you from it!

I’m Adam, and my mother, father, and I can talk forever about window film. At the recommendation of the people who built our website, we’ve reduced the words per page to “streamline” the site, but if you’ve stumbled onto this page… you deserve the proper origin story.

I was “bitten by the window film bug” when I spent a summer in High School working for what was the largest window film company in the Country at the time, but I’ve been hearing about window film since I was in diapers! You see, my father Mike Feldman spent 33 years at 3M, ultimately becoming the National Sales Manager of their Window Film Division… and every car trip as a child was a potential lesson on the window film industry.

Mike was partially responsible for the creation of the 3M’s number one selling film and wrote some of the training and sales materials 3M still uses… as well as a monthly newsletter for the window film industry long before anyone else was doing anything like that.

Fast forward to March 2007 when and my father, mother, and I decided to go into business for ourselves with the thought, “all we need is a halfway decent economy and we’ll be set!” Well, the very next year turned out to be the worst economy since the Great Depression… How’s that for timing?

The silver lining was that all the larger, established window film companies had become bloated with overhead during the economic boom, and were having to scale back or close their doors. The fledgling Advanced Film Solutions was able to keep a lean operation and, as the economy began to improve, Mike used his national connection to the window film industry to “cherry-pick” the best installers from all the formerly-best companies around… forming a “super group” of employees.

As the economy recovered, Advanced Film Solutions was positioned for success… housing the best film selection, product knowledge, and installers under one roof. In fact, in 2015 we were ranked as the “Fastest growing window film company in the Country”. Not bad for a family business with a dream!

Advanced Film Solutions has been recognized as the Regional Dealer of the Year 6 times since 2015 and was awarded 2020’s Dealer of the Year for North America. While we’ve grown quite a bit since 2007, we haven’t forgotten our roots. My mother and I still run the daily operations at Advanced Film Solutions and Mike still writes about the industry… both as a columnist for Window Film Magazine and daily on our Blog.

We look forward to working with you, and providing you with an exceptional experience from start to finish.


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