What advantages can I expect by choosing Johnson Window Films?

Johnson Window Films has been in business for over 40 years. In that time, the focus has been to provide you with a cooler, clearer and safer lifestyle no matter where you are. At home, at work or on the road, you can trust Johnson Window Films to be there to give you a comfortable environment by offering an economical way to lower your energy usage and cost.

By installing solar control films, you will be blocking at least 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays and heat, which makes your home, office or automobile more comfortable than living with untreated windows. When the heat is blocked, your cooling costs go down. Additionally, when UV rays are blocked, your furnishings are protected from fading. When you install Johnson Window Films in your vehicle, that interior will be protected also.

The leading cause of skin cancer is the UV rays emitted by the Sun. You wear sunglasses and put on sunscreen when outside to protect yourself against damage. Window films act as a “sunscreen” against these harmful rays so your skin and eyes are protected inside your home or vehicle.

Another advantage of installing Johnson Window Films is that they cut glare no matter what causes it. The sun reflecting off windows, water, or even direct sunlight will cause glare. Yes, it’s an irritation, but it can be dangerous if you’re blinded by that glare. Sunglasses help, but by treating your windows, you’ll increase your protection.

Your windows face many dangers every day. Storms and other natural disasters all can turn your windows into weapons. Shards of glass will fly out from a broken window and can cause serious injury as well as death. Johnson offers the option of thicker safety films to give an added layer of protection against breaking. Then there’s the human side to breakage. Smash-and-grab robberies happen all the time. The thicker films help to prevent this from happening.

No matter what style you’re attracted to, Johnson Window Films has a great variety of options that can make the exterior of your home, office or automobile more pleasing. Tints can range from non-existent to dark, so you’ll have plenty to choose from to get the right look for you.

When you’re ready to make that commitment, or just ask some serious questions, call Advanced Film Solutions to speak with one of our representatives who can answer all of your questions.

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