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Llumar is a name you can trust! For more than 60 years, LLumar window tints have provided superior style and protection from the sun’s destructive heat and ultraviolet rays. This window film works to significantly reduce your energy costs while increasing the style of your home, commercial building and car.

Those in the know are confident in using LLumar and Vista films because both are manufactured by EASTMAN (formerly Eastman Kodak) using DuPont polyester and Celanese adhesives, which are giants in their industries. These companies have come together to create superior products that can successfully compete with anything made by 3M.

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For Your Home

Your home is the center of your life. Its windows are one of its greatest assets, offering you endless opportunities to create your perfect interior and keep it safe from the outside world.

LLumar residential window films help you make every room in your home more welcoming and safe.

  • Feel the cooling effects
  • Visualize stylish privacy
  • Experience enhanced safety and security

For Commercial

The windows in your office building are major assets so show them off! Your tenants will see the light without the damaging effects and glare of the Sun!

With LLumar’s wide selection of premium quality solar, decorative and safety-and-security applications for commercial buildings, your tenants (current and new) will experience an illuminated working environment, while keeping their furnishings safe from the Sun’s harmful rays. Knowing that their office furnishings are protected and their work environment is comfortable and bright, yet safe, your tenants will want to stay as long as possible!

Need more reasons to invest in your windows?

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Cut the glare
  • Create a happier working environment
  • Increase the lifetime value of your tenants

For Your Car

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Americans spend a whopping 84 billion hours driving each year. Many of these driving hours are spent during the bright light of day, exposing you to the Sun’s harmful rays.

LLumar’s advanced automotive treatments will enhance your driving experience by keeping you and your loved ones safe from exposure to the Sun’s harmful UV rays and many other outside elements that lead to the deterioration of your car.

Why should you choose LLumar Automotive Film Solutions for your car?

  • Stay cooler, safer and be happier
  • Turn more heads with your stylized ride
  • Select from options as wide as the road
  • Repel the Sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Defend your car from scratches.

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