School Safety & Security Protective Glazing Film

You can’t avoid the headlines. School shootings, campus under siege…..
Lives at stake!

Protective glazing security window films are designed to maintain the integrity of window openings. In clear or reflective versions these coatings can provide substantial time needed for law enforcement response.

Advanced Film Solutions has installed safety security window film on many religious schools and public schools over the last decade. We offer the leading shatter control safety films in the industry including:

  • LLumar Select Security Film and Vista Security solar film
  • SunTek Safety Film
  • Madico Security Film
  • Armorcoat Security Film (
  • Avery-Dennison Security Film (Hanita)
  • Johnson Laminating Security Film
  • Huper Optik Security Film

There has been a great deal of debate over how best to secure entryways and other entry points from intruders.

Installation of shatter-proof windows and entryway reconstruction has proven to be cost-prohibitive for many schools. Increasingly, school safety officers and administrators have turned to safety and security window film installation as a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Click here to learn more about Advanced Film Solutions. Follow us on Facebook

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