Experience Solar Safety with Armorcoat®

Advanced Film Solutions offers a selection of Armorcoat solar control safety films. Armorcoat effectively combines Solar Control and Clear Safety films, which effectively provide tough layers of high-intensity polyester and durable adhesives that give you the added security of making your windows impact-resistant.

Armorcoat films provide advantages when it comes to your comfort:

  • They eliminate a large amount of heat coming into your home, so your indoor comfort is improved significantly.
  • You can choose the amount of light you will allow into your rooms. Anywhere from 20%-72%

Additionally, you will enjoy safety benefits when you choose Armorcoat. These films provide the highest level of impact-resistance, but if the glass does break, the fragments will be held in place. This makes any cleanup needed to be done safely and quickly. It also greatly reduces the danger of broken glass harming anyone whether inside or outside.

Aside from the benefits of impact resistance, Armorcoat protects people and furnishings from damages due to solar radiation by reducing the Sun’s UV rays that enter your home or office.

If you would like some additional information about the uses and benefits of Armorcoat films, see the below links:

→ The US Government turns to Solar Gard for blast mitigation
→ Find out how Armorcoat is used to secure schools

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