Window Tinting For Homes & Commercial Properties Fact Checking

Window Tinting For Homes & Commercial Properties Fact Checking

Advanced Film Solutions based in Tampa, is Florida’s leading window film installation company. We cover a wide area of geography from Hernando County east to Sandford and south to Sarasota.

While window film has been solving heat and glare problems for nearly 60 years there remains a large population of consumers who know relatively little about what window film can do for solving sun related problems right now in 2023.

Here are some commonly and frequently asked questions to help navigate the thin film solutions we install every day in tropical Florida.


Does window film work?

Yes. Today’s window film is manufactured to solve heat gain problems, reduce glare and eliminate UV.

How durable is window film?

Advanced Film Solutions window film installations are built to perform for a lifetime. Our warranty covers peeling or adhesive failure, and these films have a scratch coating that helps preserve their performance for decades.

Will the film change color?

No. Advanced Film Solutions will only install dye free window film. The film we do install has precious metals or ceramic Titanium Nitrate.

Does window film void my new window warranty?

Advanced Film Solutions installs Eastman Chemical’s film like LLumar SelectPro, Vista and Huper Optik. Our warranty covers glass breakage and takes over any glass warranty that may be voided by your window reseller. This eliminates any concern that our clients may have had.

Do you have a film that can stop heat that is clear?

In other words, is there an invisible thin film that won’t alter the appearance of my windows yet still stop heat?

Advanced Film Solutions does install nanoceramic thin film that factors out the invisible IR wavelengths that account for 50% of what we feel as heat.

We recommend a lightly tinted choice that stops 30-50% of the visible light for a combined nearly 60% total solar energy rejection. This meets all deed restrictions, and your windows will look like they did prior to the installation.

We’ve heard that window tinting is used just for cars. Is that correct?


Advanced Film Solutions does install car tinting at our Lutz location. Car tinting film is manufactured differently than flat glass residential and commercial window film.

The adhesives are constructed differently based on the curved glass requirements on most vehicles. The car tinting film should never be reflective for safety reasons and car tinting does not have the same useful life expectancy as flat glass film.

Ceramic window film

Residential flat glass is available in many flavors. Light transmissions that cover a wide spectrum from a dark 5% to clear ceramic films.

Commercial and residential film is also available in thicker security film composition to hold glass in place against intrusion, impact, and blast potential.

Commercial film is also available in variations that provide privacy and one-way vision and of course there are films available for exterior applications like skylights and anti-graffiti applications.

How does your portfolio differ from the 3M Window Film portfolio?

We are well versed in what 3M has to offer having spent 33 years at 3M and being directly involved as National Sales Manager for 3M.

Our Eastman Chemical portfolio has nearly 10X the number of choices and NFRC rated films. This superiority in choices and performance covers every aspect of what consumers require to solve their problems with heat, glare, UV, and safety.

Install window film

Our optical clarity is superior thanks to the clear distortion free adhesives we employ and the dye free nature of our film.

For a free estimate contact our customer service team at:

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Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
Orlando: 407-843-9350
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