Top 5 Window Film Myths: Tampa’s Window Tinting Advanced Film Solutions

Top Five Window Film Myths: Tampa’s Window Tinting Leader Advanced Film Solutions

Every year more home and business owners become acquainted with the numerous benefits and cost savings earned with an installation of solar or solar safety window film.

Advanced Film Solutions, based in the Tampa Bay area is Florida’s largest professional window film installation company (see Window Film Magazine, 2021)

We have the widest and deepest portfolio of window film choices from Eastman Chemicals, Madico, Saint-Gobain, Avery-Dennison and 3M decorative films like Fasara and Di-Noc.

Window film has been around since the 1960’s yet despite that long history there remain some myths about today’s window film that should be dispelled here and now.

  1. Window film is a short-term solution that will temporarily provide benefits but ultimately fail, bubble, peel or turn the color purple.

    Fact: Today’s window film solutions are designed to last for decades. All residential installations receive a written guaranty for a lifetime of efficiency, durability and clarity.

    There was a time when window film failed rather quickly way back in the early days. You may still see failed window tinting done on cars. These represent installs either done by the individual using DIY tint or inferior window tinting installed by less than honorable people.

  2. Window film solutions are all the same and there are no advantages to innovative solutions that include nanoceramic science, thin film advanced and adhesive improvements.

    Fact: There are significant differences in polyester clarity, adhesive clarity and the precious metals that are used to manufacture today’s color-stable window film. Ceramic technology replaced the use of fragile dyes that would change color or present hazy views.

    Patented developments separate the cheap older tech films from today’s efficient choices that Advanced Film Solutions provides to our clients.

  3. Window Film breaks glass or rather causes seal failure.

    Fact: Advanced Film Solutions team of experts is well aware of the limitations involved with solar heat absorption particularly on dual pane, non-tempered glass systems and non-reflective window films. Our glass breakage warranty ensures your peace of mind that the window film selected to reduce heat, glare and UV won’t cause thermal shock.Understanding the physical properties of window film takes education and experience. Our team has more direct experience than any competitor.

  4. Window Film used for security doesn’t really work.

    Fact: Advanced Film Solutions provides combination solar and thicker security window film in light transmissions from clear to those that stop 85% of the visible light and every VLT in between.These thicker films mirror the efficacy of the thinner versions used for heat, glare and UV rejection. The thicker (8 ML) versions add superior impact, tensile and puncture strength to the window envelope.

    Optional but recommended attachment systems like wet sealant add structural benefits to the installation.

    These are the exact same iterations that the Federal Government employs for force protection and fragment retention throughout the world.

    Major retailers, education, religious institutions, etc. recognize the safety benefits of shatter window film to protect individuals and asset protection.

  5. Window Film can not be used if your home is in a gated deed restricted community.

    Fact: Many homeowners live in deed restricted, gated communities or condominiums that restrict the use of reflective film or darker light filtering window film.

    Advanced Film Solutions has a complete suite of window film selection that meet every deed restriction.

    These spectrally selective films filter the invisible IR wavelengths that we feel as heat. IR rejection accounts for 50% of the heat that enters through your glass.

    Our nanoceramic film is less reflective than glass itself (glass is 12% our film 9%) This meets your deed restrictions while meeting the heat blocking and UV rejection (99.9%) you demand!

Let Advanced Film Solutions show you what you will achieve with our window film installation. Get a free estimate and choose the best choices that match your exact requirements.

Call our customer service team at:

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
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Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.

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