Educated Tampa Bay Drivers Select FormulaOne Ceramic Advanced Film Solutions

Why Educated Tampa Bay Drivers Select FormulaOne Ceramic Advanced Film Solutions

Driving around the Tampa Bay area has its share of discomforting issues.

It’s generally hot throughout the entire year.

It’s sunny (which is a good thing for the tourism industry) but not so good when you are heading east, south or west on our crowed roads like I 75, I -4 and US 19.

The UV is relentless, and your car’s interior leather or material is getting damaged by the unfiltered clear glass and yes, even that factory tint on the rear glass of your SUV or truck does nothing to combat that!

Let’s establish that getting your vehicle’s glass tinted is more a necessity than a luxury.

The question for consumers is what choices are available?

Which installation company they should choose, and which company offers the very best value and performance?

We submit that Advanced Film Solutions is your clear choice.

We offer the Eastman Performance Film portfolio of window film designed for the automotive world.

Our LLumar choices cover all light transmissions and economically priced installations.

These LLumar choices are the most popular car tinting films in the USA and your lifetime warranty is honored throughout the country (should you relocate)

Protect UV

Our FormulaOne Ceramic choices are head and shoulders above the competition.

Stratos and Pinnacle Ceramic films stop visible light just like the LLumar versions.

What differentiates the FormulaOne Stratos and Pinnacle film is the amount of infrared heat that is filtered out once the sunlight hits your windows.

Car Tinting Lutz SelectPro

Stratos stops more IR heat than any ceramic automotive window film.

Our warranty is lifetime and transferable should you sell your car. Further this ceramic film has a no-fault warranty.

Pinnacle has less IR heat blocking than Stratos and is therefore available for a lower cost. The same warranties apply.

In both choices our FormulaOne ceramic films will never interfere with EM, RF or Bluetooth transmissions.

Your AM signal will remain powerful (metallic films inhibit these transmissions)


Your views will never be compromised as the internal reflectivity of the film is lower than clear glass by 25%.

Our FormulaOne adhesives and scratch resistant coatings protect your investment for years to come and the film will not fade, bubble, or haze over time.

We conduct all of our installations using precision cut plotters and software that prints out the exact template to match your specific vehicle.

This equates to a flawless installation without using sharp knives on your vehicle’s soft glass.

Your choice is clear.

Advanced Film Solutions are experts in car tinting, and we are conveniently located at 1642 Land O’ Lakes Blvd in Lutz, FL.

That’s right on US 41 just south of SR 54 and just north of county road.

Call our customer support at 813-949-3456 for questions, pricing or to set up an appointment.

We offer a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi.

Advanced Film Solutions

Tampa: 813.949.FILM

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