The More You Know: Tampa Window Tinting Answers

The more you know about window tinting, or rather window film, the better your decision will be when deciding which company to contract with to solve your glass problems.

Let’s take a moment to clear the air about what facts you should consider when making this important choice:

  • All window films are not the same.

    Eastman Overview

    The industry leader is Eastman Chemical.

    This American based company has the largest market share, the most innovative technologies and the most stringent requirements for who they choose to represent them in our local market.

  • There are obviously other choices.

    You may be familiar with the 3M brand and might think they are a practical alternative. As the former National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film, I’d refer you to the following considerations:

    3M does not manufacture a majority of the films they package. Window film is not a major channel for this company. As such they promote the brand and hope that consumers will purchase based on the perception that they produce these films.

    They do not.

  • There are measurable differences between the actual on glass performance of window film alternatives.

    All Eastman films are NFRC certified.

    NFRC Window Film  We don’t expect that consumers will conduct a deep dive into window film testing or optical clarity, durability or warranties.Suffice to say that imported films from China or Korea as well as repackaged private label window films do not meet these objective performance outcomes. As a consumer-focused business, Advanced Film Solutions has access to these generic window film products.

    Given the long-term relationships in the Tampa Bay market we prefer to offer our customers trusted solutions with documented results.

  • Your warranty is critically important.

    This may seem an obvious point, but you might be surprised to learn that many competitors do not provide written warranties and that some of the suppliers who offer warranties may not be in business when you need to rectify any future problems.

    Advanced Film Solutions has completed 26,000 installations since 2007.

    We have never left a client dissatisfied. In fact, we have fixed problems for consumers who chose a competitor as a favor to various manufacturers and suppliers when requested.We believe in our industry and the consumer’s right to have the best solutions they can get. Our reputation is extremely important to us and solving problems makes all the difference in the world.

  • The installation capacity, experience and craftsmanship are of paramount importance.

    Advanced Film Solutions has developed a team of installation experts that know how to meet all requirements and delight our clients.The installers are our employees and not sub contactors. We handle a wide range of projects from smaller residential to large commercial and government projects.

    Your expectations for a superior installation are met.

    In today’s climate and particularly here in Florida many home improvement contractors are either not up to the task, or worse, they are incompetent and won’t meet their obligations.

    Advanced Film Solutions understands that you may have had a poor previous experience and that there may be skepticism naturally based on the Tampa Bay marketplace.

    Our team is dedicated to changing that perception.

    We are responsive, factual, prompt and consumer driven.

This is a great time to research the world of window film.

After all it isn’t getting any cooler as we approach summer.

Take the opportunity to contact our customer service team to arrange a free estimate.

You won’t be disappointed!

 Advanced Film Solutions

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Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota

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