Tampa Springtime. Best Time To Prepare For The Heat To Come. Think Window Film


There are just a few short weeks left to prepare for what is certain to be a long hot summer.

Making your home cooler and UV free is possible with an installation of Advanced Film Solutions Eastman Performance Window Film.

There are dozens of choices in energy reducing comfort window film that can stop as much as 85% of the outside heat from coming into your home through your windows and sliders.

Our LLumar, Vista and Huper Optik ceramic films stop heat at the glass.

Your home will become immediately cooler, and your AC costs will be reduced by as much as 50%.


You’ll select the film coating that matches your specific requirements and aesthetic demands.

We have darker reflective and dual reflective coatings that protect your views while stopping glare heat and nearly 100% of the UV.

If you prefer lighter coatings that stop heat without changing the appearance of your windows and sliders, we offer our nanoceramic coatings.

These high-performance coatings focus on the invisible IR wavelengths so a light coating will stop as much as 70% of the outside heat.

These non-reflective films match all deed restrictions typically in effect for gated communities across the region as well as condominium associations.

All our Eastman films come with a lifetime warranty and each selection has NFRC certification so your expectations for heat blocking effectiveness will be attained.

To receive a free estimate, call our customer service team at:

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Tampa: 813.949.FILM
Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
Orlando: 407-843-9350
Pinellas County: 727-944-3456

Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.

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