Security Safety Combination Solar Window Film- How Effective Are These Advanced Film Solutions?

Way back in the early 1960’s it became evident that a window film application provided some measure of protection against impact and flying debris.

This was particularly evident after deadly bombings in Europe where glass fragmentation was noticeably reduced when a window has a solar film application.

Intuitively window film manufacturers at the time deduced that thicker window film solutions with adhesives that were specifically designed to adhere to the glass would likely produce far more effective mitigation against these explosions.

LLumar shatter

The next innovation was post film applications that were anchored to the window frames so that the glass shards would not only be held in place but that the entire window would stay in the frames.

As a blast mitigation aftermarket solution these thicker shatter and combination solar security films have been installed on embassies, Federal buildings, and military bases throughout the world.

Smash Grab

Landmark buildings, retail stores, schools and religious institutions continue to benefit from the installation of these thicker window film installations.

The advantages and benefits of shatter mitigation has been tested and documented by an assortment of consumer and government testing agencies including the GSA and Department of Defense.


Their safety protocols measure the efficacy of these security films based on blast stand-off distancing and fragments that are able to bypass the window film installed.

Advanced Film Solutions provides superior installations of these solar safety films that cover a wide array of light transmissions and appearance from crystal clear to darker privacy versions.

Our primary resource are the Eastman Performance Film portfolio which includes LLumar, Vista, Sun Tek and Huper Optik.

Our Madico and Sunscape, Avery-Dennison Hanita and Solar Gard’s Armorcoat series complete our unmatched choices.

Many Floridians are focused on windstorm mitigation since we are directly in the hurricane zone and any named storm can create realistic concern.

Residential homes have a variety of window types and configurations. These include single-pane annealed glass, tempered sliders and windows and insulated glass units.

Frames will vary from steel to aluminum as well as wood and vinyl construction.

Testing against flying debris has been conducted by our manufacturers going back to the late 1990’s.

The Florida building codes require a large missile testing that window film does not meet for single pane glass.

LLumar Safety Specs

Our window film has met the medium-large missile testing (4.5 Lbs.) which meets the requirements for higher elevations like second floor and above condominiums.

Shatter film w/attachment

Nevertheless, we do not market our solutions as a hurricane mitigation solution but rather a solar safety solution that provides additional protection while factoring out UV, heat gain and providing energy efficiency.

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