Tampa Bay LLumar SelectPro Ceramic Car Tinting


Today’s high-performance automotive window film has vastly improved the benefits and the driving experience.

Florida roads get hot and stay hot longer than nearly any other weather climate in the USA.

Clear glass on most vehicles offers nearly zero heat and UV filtration. Factory glass on SUV’s typically on the rear passenger and back window offer privacy but only a small amount of heat rejection.

In the last century car tinting generally employed dyes in the film composition to absorb heat and to some degree reflect heat from the vehicle.

Metal films did a better job of reflecting heat from the vehicle, but the reflectivity became problematic for law enforcement when visibility into the car became nearly impossible.

Laws were enacted that prohibit reflective films on vehicles which is why you won’t see this type of film on the highways today.

In the recent year’s technology leaders for the production of thin films and polymers notably Eastman Chemical have developed nanotechnology coatings that are color stable, UV blocking and have the advantage of factoring out both visible light and infrared heat wavelengths.

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne Automotive Film installation company.

Our installation shop is located at 1642 Land O’ Lakes Blvd. in Lutz Florida.

Advanced Film Solutions offers our clients the most dynamic choices in IR heat blocking automotive films.

Stratos, Pinnacle and LLumar CTX.

These films meet the challenge of combined heat rejection in the visible and invisible IR wavelengths using ceramic nanotechnology coatings. We expertly install these coatings using Precision Cut Core Software and high speed plotters.

The bottom line results are incredible performance, clarity and durability while factoring out heat as much as a metallic film without the reflectivity or potential interference with AM radio, satellite radio, GPS or Bluetooth transmissions.

Protect UV

Get more information by calling out customer service team at 813-949-3456

Advanced Film Solutions

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Tampa: 813.949.FILM

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