Shatter Resistant Window Film Protecting Homes & Businesses Throughout Florida

Entry way shatter film

Advanced Film Solutions team of consultants are experts in providing shatter and shatter solar control window film throughout the Tampa Bay region which also includes Hernando, Orange, Seminole, Manatee and Sarasota.

  Shatter film installation

Glazing protection window film is designed to hold glass in their frames. This is typically reinforced with an attachment system bonding the frame, glass, and film into one system.

The objective is to slow down intruders this denying entry and allowing security alarm systems to notify law enforcement.

These are the same films used by the Federal Government and state and local municipalities to protect people and property from a host of threats.

Advanced Film Solutions installers are thoroughly versed in the proper installation of these films as well as the optional attachment systems.

The security protection ability of these films have been independently tested and documented as to their efficacy by numerous testing agencies including the aforementioned US government and Factory Mutual and European testing agencies.

Our lead solution the Eastman manufactured LLumar, Vista and SunTek films all meet the Federal blast requirements and various small missile and medium missile windstorm and cycling testing standards.

LLumar Safety Specs

There are aesthetic variations that our clients determine. These differences concern the amount of light transmitted as well as the level of exterior and interior reflectivity.

There are choices that are completely clear and alternatively there are choices that will provide total daytime privacy.

Given today’s awareness of school safety our team has completed the installation of shatter films at major school systems and childcare facilities throughout the region.

Additionally, we have completed installations of solar safety films at thousands of homes and retail stores throughout the state and beyond.

If you are considering a solar window film to stop heat, glare and UV you might also consider a dual-purpose film that offers these benefits with the additional life and property safety benefit.

To receive a free estimate please contact our customer service team at:

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