Security Window Film Comparisons Between 3M & Eastman, Madico, Avery Dennison & Armorcoat

Advanced Film Solutions based in Lutz Fl. covers the Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota and Bradenton region with the world’s leading window film brands and manufacturers.

Security window films are available in clear versions and combination tinted iterations.

Entry way shatter film

Our shatter film portfolio was developed to meet our clients’ requirements whether we are protecting a home, store, school or office building, commercial or government.

Our team has installed shatter solar films on all the Hillsborough County schools, universities, retail stores and homes throughout the entire state.

Our experience is unmatched having spent 33 years at 3M and for the last 14 years as a family-owned window film installation company.

Our portfolio of solar safety films was specifically developed to compete against 3M window film and their dealers.

Advanced Film Solutions recognizes that consumers may be more familiar with the 3M brand name and the perception that 3M window film is the safe alternative.

Advanced Film Solutions having spent 33 years at 3M and being expert in solar safety and security films is providing the factual basis for choosing performance and real world results.

The critical takeaway from this posting is simply to point out what is extremely obvious to experts in asset and force protection in the corporate and government world.

There are several effective shatter solar and clear security window films that meet the highest level of life and property protection.

3M has absolutely no advantage in improving safety over our LLumar, Vista, Madico, Avery or Armorcoat solutions. None.

In point of fact LLumar, Vista, SunTek, Madico, Sunscape, Armorcoat, Hanita and yes Johnson offer a quantum level of superior choices, light transmissions and aesthetics that outdistance the very limited 3M security film portfolio.

Advanced Film Solutions created our competitive position against 3M with every solar and clear shatter window film available in the industry leveraging this obvious, (to experts) advantage.

Yes, you have heard of 3M. Yes you know about Post-It notes and Scotch tape.

When you do your objective online research comparing security films the bottom line is there are better, more effective solutions that will match your specific requirements compared to 3M.

LLumar Testing Data

Tampa Bay, Orlando, Clearwater, St. Pete, Bradenton and Sarasota residential, commercial and government clients like Sarasota International Airport, all Tampa Bay schools and municipal government buildings like Dunedin, Altamonte Springs, Largo and more chose Advanced Film Solutions.

LLumar Safety Specs

Shatter film w/attachment

Our objective was and is to provide better value and performance that results in winning solutions for our clients.

Our primary security film solutions start with Eastman Chemicals LLumar & Vista security films:

Eastman shatter films are available in more versions than any other window fim manufacturers.

LLumar silver 20, LLumar Neutral 40 and 50% and LLumar DR shatter solar film that meets GSA and DoD requirements. These films offer clarity as well as superior puncture and tensile strength.

The Eastman Vista coatings have dual reflective properties, so night vision is protected and the clarity of these coatings are outstanding.

3M is limited in the variety of solar films in their product mix. Their ultra and standard films have no advantage in life safety, nor do they meet any criteria that our Eastman films meet.

Therefore, we meet or exceed their security footprint with more aesthetic choices, light transmissions and clarity than our 3M competitors.

Our residential warranty is for a lifetime and our commercial warranty is 15 years.

Do your own objective performance comparisons using the NFRC website and independent ratings agency.

Advanced Film Solutions augmented our Eastman portfolio with Madico and Sunscape shatter solar films, Avery-Dennison’s Hanita Safety Zone and Saint-Gobain’s Armorcoat film.

These shatter solar films also meet government force protection fragment retention blast protocols.

shatter film comparisons

These films are warranted for 10 years and are available in a wide range of light transmissions and reflective as well as non-reflective choices.

Shatter window film

Once again, there is no sacrifice in safety issues. These coatings meet and exceed all cycling, blast and wind testing benefits.

Call Advanced Film Solutions for your window film project and compare!

Advanced Film Solutions

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Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.

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