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Overheated Sunroom?  Innovative Effective Window Film Solutions

Sunroom polyzone

Overheated Sunroom?  Innovative Effective Window Film Solutions

Many homeowners enjoy having a sunroom during the cooler winter months in the Tampa Bay area.

Unfortunately this sunroom becomes a fish bowl in our long extended summers that makes this area simply unusable.

Advanced Film Solutions is uniquely qualified to stop heat from entering your sunroom with a variety of thin films designed for glass and acrylic, polycarbonate materials.

Sunroom window film

Our Polyzone films are effective for Lexan/Acrylic materials since they have the specific patented adhesive technology that not only stops heat, glare and UV but accomplishes these results without bubbling or distortion.

Blister Free films provide a substrate layer of clear film that can then have a solar control or security film applied. This provides the exact level of light or privacy that our clients select.

Polycarbonate enclosures can not be tinted with standard thin films used for glass because the polycarbonate will release gas that will create a blister appearance on polyester based films.

Advanced Film Solutions having more than 46 years experience in all facets of thin film applications is your number one resource for any window film project.

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