Comparing Window Film Alternatives: Winning On Glass

Like most industries and solutions providers there are many choices in the window film marketplace.

Now I realize that window film isn’t something most people think about every day. Most of our clients get their projects or cars done once and we won’t see them again unless they move or buy a new vehicle.

Advanced Film Solutions based in Tampa Bay faces competition on a daily basis.

From 3M dealers and others sprawled across Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota for homes and commercial buildings and locally in Lutz, for our Formula One Car Tinting.

If there’s one thing we know it’s the fact that a superior installation, an enthusiastic client is the ultimate goal.

We do our part when it comes to the installation capabilities and craftmanship of these installs.

We equip our trained staff with the latest technology and support systems.

When it comes to the film we install; our 48 plus years’ experience has provided the knowledge and experience to know which film solutions work best for our clients.

We don’t push one product based on a quota or devotion to any preferred vendor.

Window Film Installation

We choose the best of breed in each critical requirement.

  • Aesthetics: Our film must not only meet the heat rejection, glare filtering and all other outcomes but these solutions must be optically clear without haze or distortion.
  • Our films must last. Our lifetime warranty is an insurance policy for our clients, and we always meet our obligation should any of our installations need some type of improvement.

  • Our security films must not only perform the solar benefits, but they should and do meet the most stringent security improvement. This means that our films selected meet Federal blast requirements and windstorm testing where applicable.
  • Our installers are direct employees of Advanced Film Solutions. We do not use sub-contractors and we have all necessary liability insurance, etc., for any size project.
  • We have a reputation that has been earned based on 33 years at 3M and for the last 16 years, as one of the largest volume window film dealers in the USA with the more installations in the state of Florida than any other company.
  • We do what we say and keep our promises which nowadays is candidly quite rare.
  • We meet the high standards of our manufacturers. Consider Eastman Chemical for example, or Huper Optik. These partners do not randomly choose their dealers but rather select them based on the highest standards and maintaining strict business ethics.

This doesn’t mean that we charge more than our competitors.

Huper Optik installation

We know that competitive pricing and superior solutions is the best way to win and winning is quite important to staying on top!

Call our customer service team at:

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Tampa: 813.949.FILM
Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
Orlando: 407-843-9350
Pinellas County: 727-944-3456

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