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Tenant satisfaction is a critical requirement for property managers throughout the greater Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Sarasota region.

Obviously, our tropical climate places a high value for cooler comfortable glare free offices.

Hot rooms, unending glare can result in unhappy employees.

Commercial buildings and storefronts place a high value on their lease holders and renters. Once a company discovers that their environment is not being improved, they will frequently find another place to do business.

Advanced Film Solutions solves these issues and more by applying a thin transparent coating to the glass at commercial offices, storefronts and public government and educational offices.

These films stop 99.9% of the UV and reduce glare by as much as 85%.

Heat is stopped at the glass by as much as 85% and tenant satisfaction, employee productivity and contentment are dramatically improved.

Advanced Film Solutions team of experts works directly with our clients to select the solution that best tackles your tenant’s problems.

OUC window film

We have completed projects throughout Florida including Sarasota International Airport, the headquarters for Orlando Utilities and several high-profile shopping centers in Miami, Ft. Myers and Jacksonville to name a few.

Coatings that provide ground level privacy (think health clubs) restaurants and supermarkets.

Films that provide shatter protection and burglary prevention. Our thicker solar and clear security films hold glass in their frames against flying debris and intrusion.

Shatter window film

The energy savings benefits of a window film application provide a strong ROI typically of less than two years.

The time is right to improve tenant satisfaction by getting a free estimate from Advanced Film Solutions today!

  • Glare problems resolved.
  • UV eliminated.
  • Heat issues stopped at the window.
  • Privacy and branding with our decorative window film.
  • Heat load reduction reduces HVAC usage. This lowers utility costs.
  • Curb appeal improved.
  • Security, smash and grab as well as blast mitigation and school safety concerns resolved.

By controlling the sun, LLumar window film reduces heat build-up, cuts distracting glare and can help lower your energy costs — keeping everyone happy,

Advanced Film Solutions

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