We Take The Heat. Cool Tampa Bay Homes Lifetime Warranted Window Film

Your home is baking under the unrelenting Florida sun.

Afternoon temperatures hover above 90 degrees throughout most of the year and your AC is unable to handle the heat load.

That’s how many Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota homeowners relate their living experience when our consultants outline the selection of Eastman thin films we apply to your windows and sliders.

The windows and sliders that face south, west, and east are the main culprits for high heat, glare and UV exposure.

Interior temperatures rise throughout the day. We don’t have to tell you how high your monthly electric bill is and will be since utility costs continue to rise.

How Advanced Film Solutions solves these problems:

Our thin film application filters out as much as 85% of the heat (total solar energy) from entering our home.

Heat is allowed to enter and that makes your rooms comfortable since your AC can easily handle the lowered amount of heat.

Heat control window film

Your rooms will become glare free, and our coatings block 99.9% of the UV.

It’s the combination of heat, light and UV that destroys wood floors and fades your furnishings.


Homeowners have specific requirements that our team addresses.

Many clients live in deed restricted, gated communities.

We have a wide range of light selections that are non-reflective and meet all HOA rules.

These IR heat blocking ceramic films eliminate the infrared wavelengths without adding to the interior or exterior reflectivity of the glass.

If you have recently moved into your new home, you should know that we provide a lifetime warranty and we have a glass warranty that matches your current glass coverage.

Energy savings:

Your monthly bill will be lowered by as much as 30% a month. The ROI should be less than 2 years and faster if you select darker heat blocking films.

Security and impact shatter benefits:

Our team offers dual purpose shatter films that look exactly like our thinner versions. These solar security films hold glass in place against intrusion or flying debris.

You will still enjoy the comfort of our thinner choices with the added benefit of security for your home.

Our films are dye free so they will never change color or bubble. That’s our guaranty in writing from Eastman Chemical.

Call our customer service to arrange a free estimate.

We’ll take the heat away!

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Tampa: 813.949.FILM
Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
Orlando: 407-843-9350
Pinellas County: 727-944-3456

Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.

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