Tampa Bay’s Top Five Reasons For Considering Advanced Film Solutions, Window Tinting


Tampa Bay’s Top Five Reasons For Considering Advanced Film Solutions, Window Tinting

Advanced Film Solutions serves the entire Tampa Bay region as well as the Orlando and Sarasota-Bradenton area.

Window film may not be top of mind for many homeowners for a variety of reasons.

In many ways window tinting is an incredible aftermarket energy and comfort solution that has stayed under the radar for decades.

Today’s thin film technology has taken window film out of the dark ages. The industry has developed numerous improvements in metalizing, coatings, nanotechnology, IR filtering multi-layered films and clear adhesives that withstand decades of sunlight and heat.

The original generation of window films circa 1960 were constructed using dyes and little to no UV protection. These films would change colors (purple) and experience adhesive failures like bubbling or peeling.

That was 50 years ago and as you’d expect the entire manufacturing process has evolved with innovations and ground breaking breakthroughs.

Advanced Film Solutions utilizes Eastman Chemical’s window film portfolio that includes the LLumar, Vista, Huper Optik and SunTek brands.

With all that stipulated; what are the top five reasons for considering a home or commercial installation of window film?

  1. Window film factors out 99.9% of the UV.

    UV is a major component in faded furnishings, wood floors and interior artwork and more.

    UV is also a contributor for skin cancer. Your glass does not have UV protection as it currently stands. An installation by Advanced Film Solutions will directly target and eliminate all these issues.

  2. Window Film reduces glare by as much as 95%. Glare on your PV, laptop or tablet is not only annoying but it can cause eye strain.

    Our clients choose just how much light they want to filter. Naturally there are dark coatings and lightly tinted coatings.

    We also install IR heat blocking films that stop more than 50% of the total solar energy without changing your windows at all.

  3. Window Film reduces energy usage that equates to monthly electric bill cost savings of up to 30% a month.

    Florida consumers have to use air conditioning to maintain comfort throughout the year. It’s an obvious downside of living in a tropical climate.

    Hi rise window film

    Window film stops heat from entering your home.

    Your AC doesn’t work as hard or as long to handle the heat gain. It’s a matter of physics. Less heat in equates to less of a load for your AC.

  4. Window film adds impact safety to your glass. Even our thinner solar versions add greater tensile, impact and puncture resistance to your windows.

    Thicker shatter versions are designed to meet impact standards as well as blast and safety benefits.

  5. Window Film provides privacy. Reflective film, frost films are terrific solutions for maintaining privacy. Consider ground level windows like bathroom glass or front door panels with clear glass.

Advanced Film Solutions installations provide a fast payback on your investment in 3 years or less and is the best aftermarket energy improvement you can employ.

All installations are backed by a lifetime warranty and glass breakage coverage and you’ll enjoy home comfort for decades to come.

For a free estimate call our customer service team at:

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Tampa: 813.949.FILM
Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
Orlando: 407-843-9350
Pinellas County: 727-944-3456

Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.
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