Storefront Privacy With Tampa Advanced Film Solutions LLumar Window Tinting

Ground floor offices present some unique problems for business owners and property managers throughout the Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota region.

Many office windows face west or south and get more than their fair share of glare, heat and sun damage. East facing windows take the hit in the morning and here in Tampa that’s pretty much an everyday event.

Our solar control window films allow you to maintain the beautiful benefits of windows without making sacrifices.

By filtering much of the solar spectrum, window film technology contributes to overall productivity, job satisfaction and happiness.

Plus, films are less expensive than window replacement and won’t darken rooms or hide desirable views.

First floor windows at street level will also be easy targets for break in and unwanted attention from the street.

Advanced Film Solutions has the answer to these problems and more!

Our LLumar and Vista reflective and dual reflective coatings stop heat at the glass. We filter as much as 85% of the total solar energy, 99.9% of the UV while providing total daytime privacy from the exterior of the windows.

These coatings are also available in thicker versions that are designed to hold the glass in their frames against impact, flying debris or burglars.

There are dozens of selections to choose from ranging in light transmission and reflectivity.

Many retailers will prefer a non-reflective appearance, so their customers know that they are open for business.

On the other hand, Fitness Centers, Medical and Dental facilities demand privacy for their patients and clients.

Let the experts at Advanced Film Solutions show you samples of our suite of films.

All of our selections are warranted by Eastman Chemicals for performance and durability.

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Advanced Film Solutions

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Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota

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