Gated Community Deed Restrictions? Get Ceramic Tampa Bay Window Film

Ceramic window film

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s leading provider of non-reflective solar window films.

Huper Optik

Advanced Film Solutions ceramic films are ideal for gated communities that may impose deed restrictions that prohibit reflective films.

When we define reflective films, we are describing solar films that increase the exterior reflectivity of the glass facing the front of your home.

Many, if not most HOA’s will not approve these films.

There are many non-reflective dyed films that can meet deed restrictions, but dyed films will not maintain their color or effectiveness over an extended period.

There are however several window films that meet deed restrictions by lowering the exterior reflectivity of glass.

Ceramic film

Here in Florida the two key choices are Eastman Chemical’s Vista Ceramic & Eastman’s Huper Optik and 3M Prestige series window films. (Prestige is sold through home depot and several agents and resellers locally.)

Why Huper Optik?

Huper Optik is manufactured by chemical giant, Eastman Chemical.

These are patented ceramic coatings made in Germany.

Available in several light transmissions ranging from darker VLT’s (Visible Light Transmissions) 20-70%

3M prestige is a multi-layered optical film that utilizes dyes in their darker VLT’s.

Dyes will unfortunately fade over a brief amount of time which means your prestige film will get lighter as time goes by.

That’s not an outcome you would get from our color stable Huper Optik.

Huper Optik has a distinct clarity that surpasses the 3M offering.

3M Vs Huper

Both 3M and Huper block 99.9% of the UV.

Both films factor out more than 90% of the IR spectrum which makes the homeowner feel cooler.

Both films work exactly the same at an acute angle despite 3M’s foolish mentioning that their film somehow works better at an angle.

This is simply ridiculous.

3M does market reflective films like Night Vision and Affinity that are less reflective on the interior side.

Eastman of course has these films as well and in great variety and light transmissions.

Frankly Eastman makes the higher reflective Affinity films for 3M. In both the Night Vision and Affinity cases these films are too reflective to meet deed restrictions.

Call Advanced Film Solutions for a free estimate and compare.

Our Huper Optik films are NFRC certified and warranted for a lifetime.

Call our offices toll free at 877-575-3456 for a free estimate and comparison.

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