FormulaOne Ceramic Window Tinting For Tampa’s Hottest Roads

There’s no question about it, Tampa’s roads are one of the hottest places in the country to navigate through every day.

We have more sunny days than most cities in the USA and your commute in the morning and evening can be frustrating, not simply because of the traffic and bottlenecks but because of the glare, heat and UV rays.

The solution?

Advanced Film Solutions, based in Lutz has the answer:

FormulaOne ceramic window film manufactured by Eastman Performance Films.

Our ceramic window film has the best heat rejection of any car tinting film and the clarity that our competition can’t match.

These ceramic films like Stratos and Pinnacle won’t interfere with GPS, cell phones or satellite radio along with Bluetooth systems.

Our unmatched warranty is transferable and for a lifetime of performance.

Our expert installation technicians use high speed plotters and Core software to match the exact template for your vehicle’s windows.

This makes our installations cleaner and exact. The fact that it also makes us faster and human error free doesn’t hurt!

If you drive an SUV or truck you’ll be pleased to know that our films were designed to match the look of your factory tinted glass. That really works to our advantage when we install our ceramic film on the driver and front passenger glass.

You may also be surprised that your factory tint isn’t factoring out any of the harmful UV rays. You should consider having our team install our UV filtering (99.9%) films on your rear windows to protect your back seat passengers.

Call today to set up an appointment.

Trust your vehicle to Tampa Bay’s experts:

Advanced Film Solutions

1642 Land O’ Lakes Blvd.

Lutz, FL 33549


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