Florida’s Most Effective Window Tinting Choices For Homes & Buildings

Florida’s Most Popular Window Tinting Choices For Homes & Buildings

Florida home and business owners face problems of overheated interiors, glare, rising AC costs and faded furnishings, wood floors and inventory.

No other state gets as hot as Florida, and no other state finds the most effective solutions are Eastman LLumar & Vista solar and solar safety window film.

As you might expect there are many choices in brands, solutions and installation companies.

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay’s leading installation company for the leading window tinting solutions like Eastman Chemical’s LLumar, Vista and Huper Optik ceramic films.

With so many choices how do consumers choose the perfect solutions and frankly what are the most popular choices?

Dual Reflective Vista and LLumar DR films:

Dual reflective films are metallic coated thin films that are designed to reflect heat away from your interior space while lowering the interior reflectivity of your windows and sliders at night.

These films can stop up to 85% of the total solar energy and lower monthly electric bills by as much as 30% a month.

In terms of visible light, the most popular choices are our 25% and 35% coatings that factor out 65-75% of the visible light.

For west and southern exposures many clients prefer the 15% dual reflective coatings for additional light and heat efficacy.

There is no cost differential between these visible light choices, so the determining factor is your specific requirements.

Ceramic nanocoated window film, Huper Optik and Vista nanoceramic window film

Ceramic window film

Ceramic films stop heat by targeting both visible light and invisible IR wavelengths.

While dual reflective films work by reflecting heat away from the glass, ceramic films do their heat blocking y limiting the IR wavelengths. This gets the results clients require without altering the reflectivity of the windows and sliders during the day or night.

Vista window film

Ceramic coatings are less reflective than glass so they are ideal for gated communities that frequently have deed restrictions.

The most popular ceramic choices filter out 30-50% of the visible light and as much as 60-nearly 70% of the total solar energy.

Security solar combination films:

Security and impact resistance are critical advantages of combination dual purpose shatter control film.

There is a modest investment cost for having our thicker 8 ML shatter films that not only stop heat, glare, UV and lower AC costs but also hold glass in place against forced entry or flying debris.

The most popular choices as you might expect are our dual reflective LLumar and Vista films that are all 8 ML thick and have the same solar properties as their thinner 2 ml selections.

Of course, there are non-reflective ceramic shatter films and low reflective and clear shatter control window films that are also highly requested.

All Advanced Film Solutions choices are NFRC certified for performance on a variety of window types and glass configurations.

  • All choices have a lifetime warranty and glass breakage warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Eastman will take over any existing glass warranty that may be in force particularly for new homes.
  • Peace of mind, expert installations and the most effective heat, glare and UV control window film.
  • Spectacular clarity, no peeling, bubbles, color change or distortion.

Find out for yourself with a free estimate and choose the coating that meets your specific goals and requirements.

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