Cooler Driving Tampa’s Advanced Film Solutions Ceramic Car, SUV Tinting

There is nothing more annoying than driving east in the morning and west in the afternoon around the Tampa Bay area.

The sunlight, glare and heat are unrelenting.

Traffic stands still crossing the bay area bridges during the morning and afternoon rush.

Glare creates eye strain and non-tinted windows eliminate any privacy while also letting harmful UV right through your glass.

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa’s FormulaOne LLumar Select ceramic window film installation leaders.

No other window film company has as many choices of high-performance ceramic films.

Consider our Stratos and Pinnacle ceramic coatings.

These 21st Century nanoceramic coatings are designed to factor out both visible and invisible IR heat along with nearly 100% of the UV.

Non-metallic construction equates to maximum heat blocking without interfering with radio frequency, satellite radio, GPS or Bluetooth connections.

Dye free construction means your window film will never change color, bubble, peel or haze.

Our lifetime warranty ensures years of driving comfort and clarity.

Advanced Film Solutions installation techs utilize the latest precision software and high speed plotters to produce film patterns that match your vehicle’s window configuration.

This results in a pristine installation that eliminates human error and using sharp tools on your car’s soft glass that our competition uses during their installation.

The bottom-line advantage for Tampa drivers is a superior performance window film and an incredible installation.

We are conveniently located on the border between Hillsborough and Pasco Counties at 1642 Land O’Lakes Blvd, Lutz, FL 33549

To set up an appointment or should you have any questions we invite you to contact our customer service team at 813-949-3456

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