Advanced Film Solutions Solar Safety, Security Window Film Tampa Projects

Advanced Film Solutions Solar Safety, Security Window Film Tampa Projects

It might surprise neophytes to window film that security versions of these polyester products have been around since the 1960’s.

Back in those days the only film in use for commercial buildings was a silver metal film with a thin 2ML thickness.

Dyed films had been in use prior to that time but unfortunately these pioneering coatings failed as the dyes migrated and the adhesives failed due to weathering, sunlight and UV.

Metalizing window film was the next generation of window film and rapidly became an effective solution for heat, glare and UV rejection.

The idea that a window film would be able to control glass shards (spalling) became apparent when commercial and government buildings in proximity to blast events sustained less damage when the window had a tinting application.

The concept that if a thin film could provide a mitigating effect on flying glass damage a thicker version might provide a significant improvement during an explosion.


Window film manufacturers retooled their processes to use thicker polyester films and through trial and error developed highly effective fragment retention films with multiple layers and enhanced adhesives between the layers.

8 ML thick shatter films have become the foundation for shatter window film utilized by the Federal Government, state and local municipalities and schools, as well as commercial and financial interests around the globe.

Advanced Film Solutions leads in performing expert installations of these clear and solar safety combination films throughout the Southeast USA.

Our team has completed high profile installations that improve life safety and asset protection.

We are unique in that we install shatter control solar films by the leading window film manufacturers who meet the strict DOD, GSA requirements.

LLumar shatter

The following shatter film brands meet these requirements, and the key differences are aesthetic.

  • LLumar
  • Vista
  • SunTek
  • Madico
  • Sunscape
  • Armorcoat
  • Johnson
  • Hanita Avery-Dennison

Reflective films like silver and neutral, ceramic, and dual reflective films and an array of clear shatter films in varying thickness options.

The 8 ML versions meet the requirements and are our most popular selections.

We are also expert in the installation of wet sealant attachment systems that create a structural system between the glass opening, window frames and the film itself.

Daylight installations are not as effective as attached systems for obvious reasons.

It is highly recommended that larger window openings, sliders and ground level windows with metal frames have this additional level of protection.

Entry way shatter film

Whether the concern is blast protection, forced entry, burglary or weather-related flying glass damage these shatter films will perform to specification.

Shatter film w/attachment

To receive a free estimate, contact our customer service team at:

Advanced Film Solutions

Toll Free: 877-575-3456
Tampa: 813.949.FILM
Sarasota Bradenton: 941-822-8841
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Advanced Film Solutions covers the greater Tampa Bay & Orlando region including Pasco, Hernando, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota.

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