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When we launched Advanced Film Solutions back in early 2007 our goal was to provide the best window film solutions for homes, offices and vehicles.

LA Times Best Car Tinting

Having a long, 33 year background in window film manufacturing and what differentiates one film from being a better value than another, it wasn’t hard to create a unique portfolio of window tinting solutions that matched our definition of “Best.”

As a 3M window film expert (I was after all the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film) I knew that the FormulaOne/LLumar films were “head and shoulders” above the solutions offered by their competition.

That’s why we acquired the exclusive rights to represent this product line at our shop in Pasco County just north of SR 54 in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

Now 17 years later our family-owned business has grown to be one of the largest window film installation companies in the USA as determined by Window Film Magazine for the last eight years running.

That’s why it was of particular interest and satisfaction when we read this recent article in the LA Times that identified the top automotive car tinting solutions and what they found matched exactly our product mix established when we opened and until this moment.

The best of breed was our FormulaOne High Performance films manufactured by Eastman Chemical. These choices include our ceramic Stratos and Pinnacle films along with Classic films and hybrid films like Comfort.

The number two choice was LLumar, which so happens to be our economically priced alternative with great performance, optical clarity and lifetime warranty.

Advanced Film Solutions performs all of our installations (we do mobile tinting for multiple vehicles and fleet work) at our Land O’ Lakes location at 4400 Land O’Lakes Blvd.

We are the only Tampa based company that offers FormulaOne, LLumar and Huper Optik ceramic films and we use high speed plotters and software to generate exact patterns that match your car, truck or SUV’s windows.

Error free installations by our experienced team of highly trained technicians means that your installation will match the effectiveness and value of the window film being installed.

With summer just ahead and temperatures reaching near 90 degrees already; this is a terrific time to set up an appointment to make your ride cooler, glare and UV free.

Call 813-949-3456 for an appointment or with any questions you may have.

Advanced Film Solutions

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