Safety & Security Film Window Tinting
Tampa Sarasota Bradenton Security Safety Window Film Tinting

Thicker safety and security films protect the most important people in our lives; our family and friends.

Windows can be broken for a variety of reasons such as burglary, vandalism and flying debris. There's no doubt that window film can dramatically increase the strength of your windows and keep your glass in place when broken. Safety and security coatings can harden the windows of your home or office designed to delay, deny and deter entry.

Tampa Sarasota Bradenton Security Safety Window Film Tinting

Our schools have become a target for violence and Advanced Film Solutions expertly trained technicians can create an additional safety level allowing law enforcement time to respond.

Our films pass large missile impact tests, this can not be said for other window films on the market. Our films also meet GSA and DoD Blast standards as well. We use a wet seal anchoring system to form a structural bond between the film, the glass and the frame. This "System" prevents the glass from "popping" out of the frame.

Tampa Sarasota Bradenton Security Safety Window Film Tinting

While window films do not match the security benefits of a shutter they do provide additional safety and security and we offer dozens of dual benefit solar safety security films that enhance safety while lowering cooling costs, filtering nearly all the harmful UV rays and eliminating glare.

Large Missile Impact Test
Small Missile Impact Test

Home safety begins with your weakest point of entry glass! Our safety and security films delay, deny and deter entry! Read Our Blog Here >

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